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security for government facilities

Flexible for you. Ironclad everywhere else.

Fancy gadgetry might be where some security companies hang their hat. But at Sentry Safety Solutions, we prefer to match technology with something more reliable — our experience.

We at Sentry understand Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) from the protection of airports, maritime or industrial assets to securing the guest experience at stadiums worldwide. Both technology and security risks are constantly changing. That’s why it takes a system that can adapt and grow right along with them. Sentry uses a scalable, open-architecture design, enabling our offerings to be readily customized and optimized for your specific facility, while also allowing you to expand, upgrade or change our solutions when your needs call for it.

Protection From The Outside In

camera securityTake Your Security to the Next Level

Whether it’s surveillance, detection, database or alarm solutions, Sentry’s CIP features a robust number of ways to help protect your facility outside, inside and everywhere in between. And the redundant, distributed architecture-based system with easy-to-use operator interface can help minimize both response times and potential threats. Some of the tools we feature include: Radar Video Surveillance, Sensor technologies, Video surveillance, Video analytics, and Access control.

The New Standard in Security

computer monitoringIt's about thinking ahead. And acting now.

In today’s safety and security environment, chemical plants, oil refineries, liquid or natural gas distributors, pulp/paper mills, and food, beverage, and pharmaceutical plants are all potential targets. That’s why Sentry Safety Solution is working hard to help industrial operations maintain the highest levels of security and safety.

World-Class Government Facility Security Solutions

Building SecurityToday’s threats require new ways of thinking

Regulatory mandates, budgetary pressure, technological complexity and very real threats are affecting all government facilities. You need a security solution that is as effective as it is easy-to-use, now and well into the future. Sentry’s Critical Infrastructure Protection solutions are built with the technology to minimize risk and neutralize threats, while at the same time scaling to work seamlessly with other enterprise and building management systems.

The result is an integrated, strategic approach to security — giving you the peace of mind from a protection system designed specifically for your facility.

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